HIGH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT is an investment holding company specializing in the real estate market. The company focuses on the construction and management of modern real estate projects, striving to maximize profits and diversify the portfolio. It uses advanced risk management strategies and a unique investment approach to achieve success in the competitive real estate market. The company’s values ​​are responsibility, transparency, honesty and constant pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Grupa High Capital Management in numbers (as of February 26th, 2024)


Residential Usable Area is the final area of ​​apartments intended for sale, excluding parts intended for shared use. Currently, approximately 11,000 m2 of usable space is under preparation as part of HCM.

10mln PLN

Gross Development Value is the gross project value specifying the projected revenue after completion and sale of the development project. The current total GDV of the implemented projects is over PLN 200,000,000.



High Capital Management (“HCM”), as a holding company in the Capital Group, manages investment projects in the real estate sector. As a portfolio manager, it plays a key role in identifying, analyzing and implementing investments. It is also a strategic and majority investor in the investment vehicles created, which adds an additional layer of control and security to the entire investment process.

Each project in the High Capital Management portfolio  is led by  a developer specializing in a specific sector of the real estate market in accordance with the group’s strategy. Thanks to this, HCM is able to ensure wide diversification of the investment portfolio. This strategic approach to asset management minimizes risk and increases profit potential for investors.

Relations with investors and business partners also play a significant role in the holding company’s business model. Using various sources of financing – such as bank loans, share issues and strategic partnerships – the company is able to implement ambitious development and investment projects, strengthening its position in the real estate market.





The development aspect of the business is strongly focused on innovation and sustainable development.
The capital group focuses on ecological solutions, trying to minimize the impact of its projects on the natural environment.
Development companies from the HCM group cooperate closely with local authorities and communities
to create projects that are consistent with the needs and expectations of residents.